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deadlight holiday ; killing time to make us stay [ earthpainting @ livejournal ]

o p t i m i s t i q u e i c o n s

Hello, helli, t'es moi Lolita ;
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Welcome to the icon journal of one innamoramento. If you're here, it's likely you stumbled on it by some strange way or another. Here you'll find icons from a variety of fandoms and interests, most of which based around anime, manga, and video games, because that's what innamoramento likes. That nerd.

Take them if you like, don't if you don't, and credit if you feel like it. She doesn't tend to get a bug up her ass about 100x100 pixel squares on the internet.

Many thanks to street_of_mercy for the layout code.

For resources and texture/brush credits, see this post. Also feel free to ask about the origin of a specific brush/texture there.